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Car Show

The local Ford dealer had a Mustang show on today that I went to. There were quite a few cars there from 1964 1/2 to current. Just as we were leaving it started to rain. I also saw a few Dodge Challengers 70s ones not the current generation ones.

Also 100th post.


New Computer

I finally got a new computer in November after my old one developed some graphical problems (it was dirty contacts between the motherboard and the graphics card) so well I was at the repair shop getting my old computer fixed I ordered a new custom built one.

I am keeping my old computer as a spare and as I have a fair bit of older software that might not like Windows 10 and some programs that I no longer have the installers for like Office 2003.

I also got a free copy of Just Cause 3 with my computer and have been aquiring a few games that could not run on my old computer. so far I have yet to find a game that this computer can't run maxed out. The Hitman: Absolution benchmark was over 100FPS with all settings maxed out.

The specs for it are:
Intel Core i7 6700K 4GHz 8Mb LGA1151
Gigabyte GA-Z170M-DH3 MATX LGA1151 Motherboard
16GB DDR4 2133 PC4-17000 RAM
Gigabyte GV-N970G1 Gaming-4GD GTX970 4GB graphics card
750W Silverstone Strider Plus Power Supply
Windows 10 64bit

One of the things that I really like about this computer is how cool it runs. Even in the current heat both the graphics card and the processor stay under 65C and when at the desktop they are both usually about 5C to 10C above room temperature. It is also a lot quieter than my old computer.

So Humid

It's been so humid over the last couple of weeks. It's been making it hard to do anything as the fan is just circulating hot air around the room and it's been making the lawns grow like crazy. I mowed them a week and a half ago and the grass is already getting long again.


Goddamn Birds

There is a very stupid one that keeps trying to build a nest in our chimney it can get in easily enough but it seems to have difficulty getting out I’ve already had to let it out through the fireplace in the lounge twice today.
Yesterday after lighting the fire a half finished nest fell into it and on two other occasions it has dropped down into the fireplace while the fire was lit yet it still hasn’t learnt it’s lession.



I can't believe I haven't posted anything here for over a year. Still it's not like all that much has happened... Had a job, got made redundant spent ages looking for a new one gat a short term contract at the regional council that finished two weeks ago. Now I have to go out and find another.

I also need a new computer this one is getting a bit past it.


Job and New Year

So I finally got a job working at the parts counter in a car dealership.

Also Happy new Year.


Why is it...

That whenever I leave my computer for five fricken minutes someone will reboot the thing so they can use it when there are thirty other unattened computers in the same room just waiting to be used? Seriously what the fuck.

One of those days...

Today seems like just one of those days.

We had a power cut earlier and then the water supply stopped (probably power loss at the pumps) and then when my brother got home the cars window would not shut ... and he needs the car tonight so my Father is currently trying to macgyver up a way to keep the window closed with a piece of pipe and a block of wood.



So today I found a set of keys that I thought I had accidently thrown out eight years ago. They were in one of the pockets of the jacket I was wearing that day.