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So today I found a set of keys that I thought I had accidently thrown out eight years ago. They were in one of the pockets of the jacket I was wearing that day.


New Computer Programs

Well it's been a while I haven't posted anything here since the post on the Avengers back in May. (I have it on DVD now)

Anyway the semester is starting to wind down and I now actually have the time to do stuff again. Such as see what programs are avalible cheap/free throught the polytechnic. So far I have downloaded MS Visio 2010 and MS Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate so far and over the weekend I will be downloading office 2010 seeing as everthing is free.

Now all I need is a job for the holidays...

Gee it's only the second of November yet someone just started letting off some fireworks.

The Avengers

I saw The Avengers today at the movie theater while I was in town to get an Assignment bound for my course. It was awesome.

I've been finding the 176km daily round trip to my course in Tauranga and back three times a week to be quite tiring as my Windoms seats are suprisingly uncomfortable on longer journeys not to mention the $100+ per week fuel costs.


When Life gives you lemons...

... Punch life in the balls.



I haven't been here for a while. (blows dust off journal)

Seeing as it's just about impossible to get a job here at the moment. I've started on a Diploma in Applied Computing at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic this week. The only downside is the 180km round trip from home to Tauranga and back three days a week.

On a less positive note I've discovered that one of my wisdom teeth removed as it is causing problems for the tooth in front.

I also got Saints Row the third for Christmas.

A Bad Week for White ware.

Like the title says first the washing machine packs up from water leaking into the motor and shorting it out and yesterday we discovered that the big freezer had started defrosting (yuk) I'm not going to tempt fate by asking what next.


For the love of...

Fucking bureaucracy. Why you exist?


The down side of winter is that absolutely nothing interesting happens here.

Still I recently discovered The Whiteboard www.the-whiteboard.com/index.html Go read it. I command you!


One of my teeth has been feeling a bit strange for the last couple of days. I finally had a look with a mirror and found that the filling has fallen out of it.

Great. Just what I need, another trip to the dentist.



So far 2011 has been boring as hell the only thing of note to happen recently was my graphics card dieing. still the new one is much better.